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“KUNCHI “Group is a big Families and also a freedom group .We eat together and live together ,  every employee is part of this big family .Even we had a quarrel in work sometimes, but we still love each other . Just like the slogan “ WE ARE FAMILY ”.


1) Meeting together and celebrating together  :

We have celebrated the“Traditional Chinese NewYear s Holiday ”  together last year . In passed 2017 , The company has grown in employee quantities  and  made  a great  after-sales service system, laying a solid foundation for the company's future development.


2) Eat together :

The first picture is the canteen in our company  , we eat lunch together every day . The second one is the picture when we finish container in summer  , to celebrate that we do a good job  .


3) Games Together :

Our company organizes game events around three month each time , through activities, to increase understanding between new workers in various departments, to enhance everyone's teamwork spirit, and to develop people’s ability in various aspects while inspiring everyone’s creativity.


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